Recognizing the best companies at social impact and employee engagement

Why The WeHero 100 Started

The social impact that companies create and the way they engage their employees in that impact is more important now than ever before. The global and societal challenges we face are far reaching, and companies and teams have the power to create the difference.

Creating impact and engagement at this scale is incredibly challenging. That's why we felt it was essential to launch the WeHero 100 to highlight the top 100 companies doing this work and making incredible change.

Every month, WeHero does a profile and announces a new company to the WeHero 100 with the goal of acknowledging their work and sharing learnings and best practices with aspiring companies and teams looking to engage more team members and create a culture of impact and change.

Join us in celebrating these change makers!

The companies

WeHero 100 Company Profiles

Salesforce is an American cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It provides customer relationship management software and applications focused on sales, customer service and marketing automation to help businesses connect to their customers in a whole new way, so they can find more prospects and close more deals.

The customer relationship management (CRM) system launched in 1999 came with a groundbreaking twist - all the software and critical customer data would be hosted on the internet and made available as a subscription service. For the early adopters of this cloud-based model, that meant taking a significant leap of faith.

This pioneering “software as a service,” or SaaS, model quickly spread across the technology industry and, by building trusted relationships, Salesforce has been able to provide essential services to many of the world’s biggest and most critical businesses, governments, and organizations.

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Walmart is a people-led, tech-powered omni-channel retailer dedicated to helping people save money and live better — anytime and anywhere — by providing the opportunity to shop in both retail stores and through eCommerce. From their humble beginnings as a small discount retailer in Rogers, Arkansas, Walmart has opened thousands of stores in the U.S. and expanded internationally while carrying the purpose of making a difference in the lives of their customers.

Walmart operates approximately 10,500 stores and clubs in 20 countries and eCommerce websites. And they employ 2.1 million associates around the world — nearly 1.6 million in the U.S. alone.

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Patagonia is an outdoor apparel company with a 50-year history of environmental conservation and activism. Founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973, it is a certified B Corporation based in Ventura, California.

In January 2012, Patagonia became the first California company to become a benefit corporation - a legal framework that enables mission-driven companies like Patagonia to stay that way as they grow and change. In 2013, Yvon Chouinard, the founder, announced the formation of a venture capital fund to help start-up companies that place environmental and social returns on equal footing with financial returns.

In 2018, Patagonia adopted a new purpose statement to reflect the shifts the company had been making - "We're in business to save the planet". And in September 2022, ownership of Patagonia was transferred to two new entities: Patagonia Purpose Trust and the nonprofit Holdfast Collective under the statement "the Earth is now our only shareholder". The company committed to distributing every dollar not reinvested into Patagonia as dividends to protect the planet, and Chouirnard declared he was "dead searious about saving this planet".

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USAA is a diversified financial products and services company that offers insurance to people who serve, or served, in the United States Armed Forces and to their families. Since 1922, USAA has aimed to lead and inspire actions that improve the livelihood of military families, veterans and our local communities.

USAA is committed to being a passionate and impactful corporate citizen.

Their purpose is to lead and inspire actions that improve lives in the military and local community.

Their vision is to be the nation's leading military-focused corporate citizen, and to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion for military families in our local communities.

Their signature cause is Military Family Resilience. That's when service members, veterans and their families have the skills and resources they need to withstand, recover, and grow from life's pressures, including those compounded by military and veteran life.

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PetSmart is the leading pet retailer offering products, services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. Every day, more than 50,000 passionate associates help bring pet parents closer to their pets so they can live more fulfilled lives together. This vision impacts everything they do for their customers, the way they support their associates and how they give back to the communities.

PetSmart is working to create a world as our pets see it. Because a world through the eyes of our pet is one that's more compassionate, inclusive, sincere and community-centric. It's a world that recognizes the critical importance of healthy people and pets, the preservation of our planet and taking time to play.

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With roots dating back to 1898, PepsiCo Beverages North America (PBNA) is one of the largest beverage companies in North America today. It is responsible for bringing consumers an unrivaled, iconic portfolio of more than 300 beverage choices, including 10 billion-dollar brands like Pepsi, Gatorade, bubly and Mountain Dew, as well as emerging brands in the fast-growing energy and value-added protein categories.

PepsiCo’s vision is to Be the Global Leader in Beverages and Convenient Foods by Winning with PepsiCo Positive (pep+). pep+ is their strategic end-to-end transformation that puts sustainability and human capital at the center of how they will create value and growth.

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Adobe Inc. is an American multinational computer software company founded in December 1982, historically specialized in software for the creation and publication of a wide range of content, including graphics, photography, illustration, animation, multimedia/video, motion pictures, and print. Adobe believes creativity empowers transformation and has been driving incredible innovation, adding millions of new customers, delivering billions of experiences across screens, and processing trillions of data transactions online.

Doing the right thing by focusing on people, purpose and community: this set of values has guided Adobe's evolution and growth over the past 40 years and inspires over 28,000 employees around the world to focus on having more impact.

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Campbell's is an American food and beverage producer with over 150 years of history. As a purpose-driven company, Campbell's has a long-standing commitment to the communities and the environment, and is doing its part to create a more sustainable future for the world we share, while maintaining the essence of its purpose: to make food that is delicious, affordable, and prepared with care.

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F5, Inc. is an American technology company specializing in application security, multi-cloud management, online fraud prevention, application delivery networking, application availability & performance, network security, and access & authorization. F5 is committed to being a force for social good. This passion for giving back has been at the heart of the company since its inception. And for nearly 25 years, it’s been the dedication and grassroots efforts of the employees that have driven the “business of doing good” at F5.

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Since its founding, Ben & Jerry's has committed to promoting social justice, protecting the environment, and supporting sustainable food systems. Although its most well-known social initiatives are connected to ice cream making processes, such as supporting Fairtrade, Ben & Jerry's also partners with several social equality groups. Its Justice ReMix'd programme, for instance, focuses on reforming criminal justice systems, in which people of colour are often disproportionately affected. Company employees are also involved in the Ben & Jerry's Foundation.

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Stryker is one of the world's leading medical technology companies and offers innovative products and services in Orthopedics, Medical, Surgical, Neurotechnology and Spine that help improve patient and hospital outcomes.

The company serves healthcare customers including hospital administrators, surgeons, and healthcare professionals in all healthcare environments, from large, integrated hospital systems to small, outpatient surgery centers.

Their more than 38,000 employees—from manufacturing and distribution to sales and functional roles—rally around the mission: Together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better. As a team, they work with their customers to improve and save lives.

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Warby Parker is an American online retailer of prescription glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses, based in New York City. Warby Parker was founded as an online retailer, but now sells primarily (about 90%) through 160 physical retail store locations across the U.S. and Canada.

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Cisco is transforming how people and businesses around the world connect, communicate and collaborate with leading networking and security solutions. They are focused on powering an inclusive future for all through the technology they build, their scale and extended ecosystem, their commitment to corporate social responsibility and social justice, their teams, and the support they bring to their communities.

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The methodology

How WeHero 100 Companies Are Selected

What are the social impact metrics that the company has accomplished over the past 5 years.
How have the employees been engaged in that impact and what are the metrics.
What are the company's goals moving forward and how will they be accomplished.
How has the company created a culture of impact and engagement across the company.

Have a company you'd like to have evaluated for the WeHero 100 list?