USAA is a diversified financial products and services company that offers insurance to people who serve, or served, in the United States Armed Forces and to their families. Since 1922, USAA has aimed to lead and inspire actions that improve the livelihood of military families, veterans and our local communities.

USAA is committed to being a passionate and impactful corporate citizen.

Their purpose is to lead and inspire actions that improve lives in the military and local community.

Their vision is to be the nation's leading military-focused corporate citizen, and to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion for military families in our local communities.

Their signature cause is Military Family Resilience. That's when service members, veterans and their families have the skills and resources they need to withstand, recover, and grow from life's pressures, including those compounded by military and veteran life.

Social Impact & Engagement

Military Family Resilience is their signature corporate responsibility cause and focuses on mental health and wellbeing, economic mobility and support for basic needs.

Military Family Resilience

Through their philanthropic investments at the national level, USAA aims to make a positive impact in the lives of service members and their families by supporting programs that help them weather the challenges of military life.

Championing mental health and well-being for service members and their families to positively impact their lives and contribute to their overall health, well-being and resiliency, USAA supports programs that provide access to a wide range of tailored programs and services. Supporting financial readiness, USAA equips active-duty families with quality, unbiased financial readiness programs, and helps them make informed financial decisions.

To support those who have historically faced challenges when transitioning to civilian work, including gaps in employment and underemployment, USAA is committed to providing fulfilling careers for veterans and military spouses and strives to inspire and encourage other employers to do the same.

Serving Needs in Local Communities

Through investments of time and financial support, USAA is making a difference in local communities and in the military community at large. The company helps struggling families and individuals by addressing basic needs resulting from hunger and homelessness. In the education field, USAA invests in programs that provide educators with relevant and timely professional development, teach students to make informed financial decisions early in life and inspire deep and sustained interest and proficiency in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to develop critical skills for the future.

Furthermore, USAA supports programs that teach safety and disaster preparation skills and help individuals and families recover when a natural disaster strikes their community.

Advancing Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

USAA is advocating for diversity and inclusion in our communities by addressing opportunity gaps that spread inequalities in our society and hold back individual and business success and economic growth. They aim to empower people with more opportunities through key focus areas: education, employment and entrepreneurship, income and reducing the wealth-building gap.

Commitment to the Environment

USAA is the first US-based insurance company to earn the WELL Health-Safety seal, meaning excellence in facility operations, safety protocol efforts and commitment to employee and visitor safety. In terms of natural resource use, USAA has recycled more than 2 million pounds of paper, glass, plastic and other materials. Most of the document delivery is made online, significantly reducing paper consumption, and their headquarters is an Energy Star and LEED Green Building Program-certified building for its water and energy efficiency.

Stories Worth Sharing

Taking Care of Military Families and Veterans

The USAA Foundation, Inc., has long supported Vets4Warriors, a nonprofit organization based at Rutgers University. Vets4Warriors provides confidential and live 24/7 stigma-free and personalized peer support for physical, mental, financial and social issues that veterans, service members and their families or caregivers may be facing.

Veteran and Military Spouse Hiring

Nearly 23% of USAA's employees are military spouses or veterans and many are actively involved in VETNet, an employee resource group of military-affiliated employees.

The VetsLead program helps veterans make a smooth transition to USAA and the corporate world through mentoring, training and networking. And through their connection to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s “Hiring Our Heroes” (HOH) initiative, USAA has been a leader and national role model for best practices in building a strong veteran and military spouse workforce. The HOH Fellows program provides opportunities to work at USAA and gain professional training, networking and hands-on experience that often leads to full-time roles at USAA or other companies.


By The Numbers:

hours volunteered by employees
donated by USAA, USAA Bank and the USAA Foundation with a focus on military family resilience
gallons of Edwards Aquifer water saved each year
reduction in landfill waste

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