Powering Corporate Volunteer Programs

WeHero designs, optimizes, and runs corporate volunteer programs.

Having a Volunteer Program Is Not the Same as Having the Right Volunteer Program

Having a successful volunteer program that engages employees, involves leaders and delivers impact is hard.

We’ve spent years working with leading companies to optimize their current volunteer programs and design new programs that make employees, leaders and all stakeholders want to do more.

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Examples Of Projects We Help Companies With

Annual Volunteer Strategy

WeHero works with our partners to better understand the goals of employees and leaders to determine an annual volunteer strategy that ensures maximum impact.

Impact Reporting

How can you make sure your actions are helping you meet your goals? Effective reporting is crucial for continuously improving volunteer programs.

WeHero produces one-off and annual impact reports to outline your team’s efforts and the overall corporate impact. We also partner closely with a variety of software providers to track more complex programs.


Building a volunteer program is just the start. WeHero executes volunteer experiences for hundreds of companies big and small. Let’s make sure your social impact goals are reached together.

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