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At WeHero, we know that strong corporate skills-based volunteer programs have three major benefits: nonprofits get the help they need, companies can invest more deeply in their communities, and employees have the professional opportunities they want.

For companies, skills-based volunteering is a critical part of their overall corporate social responsibility strategy. It’s difficult to find the right opportunities and to ensure the programs are meeting employee engagement and overall impact goals.

These are the challenges WeHero was built to solve!

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How we execute skills-based volunteer programs

Custom Skills-Based Volunteer Directories

There are over 619,000 virtual volunteer opportunities. WeHero sifts through the noise to identify a library of the best skills-based volunteer opportunities in coordination with the world’s best nonprofits to align with your social impact goals.

Custom Skills-Based Volunteer Projects

WeHero identifies non-profits and projects that align with your teams’ size, availability, and talent sets. From there, we manage the project from A-Z to ensure timelines are met, resources from the company and nonprofit are used accordingly, and impact is maximized!

Examples of past projects

Get a taste of the kind of projects we plan and execute.

Teams developed a career search program to assist women challenged with poverty in their job hunt.

Teams created the prototype and product roadmap for a tree tracking application to keep donors up-to-date.

Teams developed a new website, built a new donor flow, and created a marketing plan.

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Our Process

As experts in corporate volunteer programming and strategy, WeHero provides a dedicated team to create customized solutions to reach your goals. We design your skills-based volunteer strategy, execute your program, or take your current skills-based volunteer program to the next level.

Step 1: Strategy
assessment and design

Based on the industry, employee skill sets, and corporate values, WeHero builds custom skills-based programs in partnership with top-performing non-profits. We carefully measure and track non-profit data through our thorough diligence to ensure your company makes the largest possible impact with the right strategy.

Step 2: Program Execution

WeHero successfully executes programs on behalf of your company so that it’s fully off your plate! We prioritize collecting data and stories from the efforts in order to measure the overall impact.

Step 3: We Share The Impact

We share your company’s skills-based volunteer impact so that you can maximize the business benefits of volunteering. This story is delivered with images and data for your audience and employees.

Step 4: Celebrate. Measure. Repeat.

WeHero works as an extension of your team to measure impact, gauge employee and audience sentiment, and adjust the program to ensure a happy team, a healthy brand, and a better business.

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