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“WeHero is the connective tissue between non-profits and companies to create high impact volunteer and giving programs.”

Gia Giambrone
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“Thank you WeHero for everything! We have had so much incredible feedback from the WeHero volunteer event. INCREDIBLE!”

Farah Knab
Employee Experience – Citrix
How hard is it to execute global volunteerism?


WeHero continues to launch volunteer programs that work in 50+ countries. We also build custom volunteer programs to reach your company’s goals.

Our Global Volunteer Solutions

Global Virtual Volunteering

Unite your team across the globe through one of our high-impact virtual volunteer programs. Your team can advocate for social movements, learn about food insecurity, and more from the office or at home!

Global Hands on Volunteering

The ease of having a volunteer event shipped to your employee’s homes or your company’s office while maximizing impact! Learn, laugh, and unite your entire team remotely through one of our many volunteer programs.

Global Skills-Based Volunteering

Your team has a wealth of specialized skills that enable your company to deliver quality work across your industry. We can leverage those skills through skills-based volunteer projects to maximize your team’s social impact across the globe!

“Startup X is the most interesting finance company”

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The WeHero Corporate Volunteer Experience

Dedicated Event Manager

All Needed Supplies

Crowdfunding (Optional)

Educational Presentation and Keynote

All Shipping and Logistics

Self-guided or Live Event

Language Services

Branded Event Page & Browser Extension

Suite of Custom Options

Detailed Impact Reporting

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