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WeHero Social Impact Dashboard

Measure volunteer engagement and social impact in a simple dashboard designed for your business.

Our product

We Understand The Challenges

Tracking participation and impact to drive better decisions in volunteering is difficult.

Senior Leaders Want Information Yesterday

Sharing relevant CSR data with business leaders needs to happen in real-time.

Tracking Volunteerism and Other Social Impact Metrics is Challenging

Volunteering doesn’t happen in one place. Compiling your team’s efforts take too much time.

Current Options Are Expensive

The available options in the market are donation and volunteer hours focused. They take a long time to implement and are expensive for many customers.

The WeHero Dashboard

A simple and custom offering so you can start tracking volunteering in under one week.


Discover how we are fixing CSR reporting


Data From All Volunteer Activities

WeHero volunteering initiatives integrate seamlessly. We also incorporate other data to make sure our dashboard represents all of your team’s efforts!


Simple and Customized

There’s no training for our software - we’ll build a customized version that fits exactly what you need. Even better, your dashboard will be ready in under one week.


Built and Managed by Volunteer Experts

We know the information that matters and track everything to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Clear Presentation of Crucial CSR Metrics

Our dashboard is the perfect location to share the output of your team’s CSR initiatives with internal and external stakeholders.

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