WeHero is engaging employees and achieving social impact goals through:

Remote, In-person, & Hybrid Volunteer Events

Skills-based & Pro-bono Volunteering

Annual Volunteer Strategy & Execution


Teams across the globe are relying on WeHero to reach employee volunteering, engagement, and social impact goals

WeHero powers employee volunteering and engagement solutions to support the world’s best nonprofits and reach your company’s social impact targets. 

You're in good company

Justin Reyes, VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

“When our community team was brainstorming how to recognize Juneteenth and WeHero was brought up, it was a no-brainer. We strongly believe in your mission and how you support the arts and critical conversations such as these. We want to thank WeHero for partnering with MLB.”

Find out why hundreds of the best companies in the world, both big and small, rely on WeHero to power employee engagement programs that drive social impact.

You’ve got the will. We’ve got the way.

Remote, in-person, or hybrid volunteer experiences.

WeHero crafts volunteer strategies and experiences to reach your company’s goals. Speak with our team about your employee volunteerism and engagement goals and see our catalog of curated volunteer experiences to support the world’s best nonprofits.

Set up a Skills-based volunteer program.

Your team has a wealth of specialized skills that enable your company to deliver quality work across your industry. Now, let’s leverage those skills through skills-based volunteer projects to maximize your team’s social impact!

Create, validate, or support your CSR or ESG strategy.

Have an existing Social Responsibility or Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance program or considering launching one? Don’t go at it alone. WeHero guides your program in the right direction with a data-driven approach to provide a strategy to accomplish your business and social goals.

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Gia Giambrone, Programs Manager – LinkedIn

“WeHero is the connective tissue between non-profits and companies to create high impact volunteer and giving programs.”

Maria Dolgusheva, HR Coordinator – PandaDoc

“It is amazing to see that a small effort on our end is going to help someone in a big way! We’re grateful to WeHero for this event.”

Farah Knab, Employee Experience – Citrix

“Thank you WeHero for everything! We have had so much incredible feedback from the WeHero volunteer event. INCREDIBLE!”

What is WeHero?

WeHero gives companies the solutions to accomplish their social mission through powerful giving and volunteer programs to create a better culture, a better brand, and a greater social impact.

Our team works day in and day out to develop new programs and technologies that make giving and volunteering powerful and effortless for companies.

Our mission: To empower 10 million people with the tools to give easily and impactfully. #wehero

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