Case Study

Rivian engaged employees in impactful volunteer work through WeHero's remote & hybrid volunteer experiences!


How to engage employees at scale sustainably

Rivian is on a mission to keep the world adventurous forever. This goes for the Electric Adventure Vehicles they build, and the curious, courageous employees they seek to attract.

To highlight Rivian's focus on corporate volunteering and sustainability, Rivian wanted to plan corporate volunteer projects for their teams.

The challenges

Hybrid volunteering with employees in office and at home
Hands-on and carbon neutral
Needed to be done for hundreds of employees at the same time
Completed in a 1 hour time-frame
The Solution

WeHero hybrid volunteer experiences

Because of Rivian's focus on sustainability, we built a program focused on planting trees. We partnered with One Tree Planted to help employees get millions of trees in the ground across the globe.

Employees working in Rivian's offices or factories received WeHero boxes with the materials from our tree nursery partners. Remote employees received individual boxes with their needed materials. We offset 100% of the carbon emissions from the shipments and the packaging was made of 70% recycled material.

We coordinated a single educational and team building event for all employees to join regardless of their location. Each participant planted 2 trees during the event that they were responsible for caring for afterwards. In addition, we made donations to One Tree Planted so they would plant 8 more trees for each participant.

Number of trees WeHero
and One Tree Planted will
get in the ground this year
The Impact

Thousands of trees in the ground

WeHero and One Tree Planted are on a mission to get employees educated about deforestation and supporting tree planting efforts.

Through Rivian's efforts, hundreds of employees were educated on this work and empowered to get trees in the ground and continue making an impact.

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