Case Study

Visa engaged new hires in impactful volunteer work through WeHero's self-guided volunteer experiences!


How to engage new hires in corporate volunteering at scale

Visa is committed to advancing inclusive, equitable, and sustainable economic growth for everyone, everywhere.

To highlight Visa's culture around corporate citizenship and philanthropy, Visa wanted to plan corporate volunteer projects for all new hires.

The challenges

Program has to be done in-office
Needs to be hands-on and high impact
Has to be easily repeatable
Could be run by the existing HR and Corporate Citizenship team
The Solution

Self-guided volunteer experiences

Because of Visa's goals around supporting underserved students, we recommended they have new hires participate in Education Access. This volunteer experience was created in partnership with the Kids In Need Foundation to support students who need school supplies.

During every employee onboarding process for Visa, the corporate citizenship team received large WeHero boxes with all the needed education supplies, materials for educating employees about the cause and nonprofit, and instructions for successfully executing the volunteer experience themselves.

At the end of each volunteer event, UPS would come to Visa's offices, and pick up the completed backpacks that were made for the students.

US students in need
of education supplies
The Impact

Thousands of students empowered to succeed

WeHero and the Kids In Need Foundation work with underserved school districts to understand the exact needs of the students. WeHero sources all the needed supplies and has corporate volunteers assemble the backpacks for distribution in their local community.

Visa supported thousands of students with school supplies so they could be successful in the classroom.

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