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Citrix engaged its entire sales team in an impactful volunteer experience during a team offsite!

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“Thank you WeHero for everything! We have had so much incredible feedback from the WeHero volunteer event. INCREDIBLE!”

Farah Knab
Employee Experience – Citrix

Executing a large-scale volunteer event in a new city

Citrix and its employees are committed to supporting local communities and those most in need.

Citrix's entire sales team gathered in Raleigh and wanted to volunteer to leave the community better than the way they found it. Equally as important, they wanted to have a fun team bonding experience for their employees.

The Challenges

Only one hour for a 300-person event
Identifying a top-tier local nonprofit
Documenting the event for the entire company to see
Ensuring education, impact, and fun in a short time period
The Solution

WeHero custom in-person experiences

Because of Citrix's goals around supporting community members in need, we created a volunteer experience for employees to tackle homelessness with a local nonprofit.

WeHero's staff met with the nonprofit to vet the organization and understand the community members' needs. WeHero sourced the needed materials to build hygiene, food, and health packs to support 1,000 community members.

WeHero's staff arrived onsite to prepare the space for the event. In the one-hour time window, there was a keynote from the nonprofit organization, employees built 1,000 care kits, and a team-building activity took place. The entire experience was documented by WeHero's photographer and cinematographer.

WeHero delivered the completed materials to the nonprofit for immediate distribution. The impact was captured and messaged to all the participants!
Community members
The Impact

Health, hygiene, food, and empathy

WeHero in partnership with Raleigh Rescue Mission and Citrix was able to support 1,000 individuals struggling with homelessness. Citrix employees were also empowered with ways to continue supporting the cause after the event.

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