28,000 Employees

Adobe Inc. is an American multinational computer software company founded in December 1982, historically specialized in software for the creation and publication of a wide range of content, including graphics, photography, illustration, animation, multimedia/video, motion pictures, and print. Adobe believes creativity empowers transformation and has been driving incredible innovation, adding millions of new customers, delivering billions of experiences across screens, and processing trillions of data transactions online.

Doing the right thing by focusing on people, purpose and community: this set of values has guided Adobe's evolution and growth over the past 40 years and inspires over 28,000 employees around the world to focus on having more impact.

Social Impact & Engagement

Great experiences have the power to inspire, transform, and move the world forward. And every great experience starts with creativity. And creativity can change the world.

Adobe empowers employees, customers and partners to tackle big challenges and works to elevate diverse voices and build a more sustainable future.

Strengthening Our Communities

By supporting nonprofits and employee-led programs, Adobe creates positive outcomes for local communities. The Adobe Foundation supports creative and digital literacy, social equity, and active engagement in our communities.

Adobe matches employees' donations up to $10,000 per year when they give money to eligible nonprofits and schools. Adobe Action Teams coordinate volunteer activities at more than 24 Adobe locations, and each year, Adobe employees come together to choose causes that matter to them and invite local nonprofits to apply for grants through the Employee Community Fund (ECF). The company promotes the Pro Bono Initiative by engaging employees in volunteer programs to share their technology, design, and marketing skills with nonprofits and trains employees to become effective members of boards of directors for community organizations, where they provide leadership and fundraising.

Elevating Diverse Voices

Everyone deserves the opportunity to create and make their voice heard. That's why Adobe provides a platform for creators of all backgrounds to express themselves, be inspired and share their creativity. Adobe also enables software access for millions to promote creative expression. They assist nonprofits in getting their message out, provide scholarships, grants and career development opportunities through the Adobe Digital Academy, and offers training and learning resources for educators through the Adobe Education Exchange program.

Using Tech For Good

Abode supports Planet Forward, an initiative that empowers students to lead conversations on global environmental issues and create change through visual storytelling. Adobe also partners with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to help finding missing and at-risk kids by engaging forensic artists and technology.

Adobe's programs are also involved in many other impactful and sustainable initiatives such as pushing paperless workflows, durable packaging development, teaching digital literacy to form resourceful and innovative visual communicators, and building information portals to raise awareness about health issues.

Innovating for Sustainability

Adobe's products help clients operate more efficiently while reducing their environmental impact. Cloud-based software delivery, paperless workflows, and virtual collaboration all help to reduce physical waste and cut emissions from transportation and shipping. Sustainability is also at the core of Adobe's operations, with LEED-certified offices and the goal to get 100% of energy from renewable sources. Furthermore, the company fosters a culture of conservation in the workplace by sponsoring employee teams across the globe who want to take environmental action in their communities and by supporting environmentally friendly commuting programs.

Stories Worth Sharing

Adobe believes that everyone deserves equal treatment and opportunities and is working to achieve it through a variety of programs and initiatives.

Inclusive recruitment

Through the Anchor School Program, Adobe is partnering with Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic-serving Institutions to help prepare students for jobs in the technology and creative industries. The company is also strengthening its hiring process by focusing on recruiting candidates from underrepresented groups.

Equity and Advancement Initiative

Adobe is focused on protecting and advancing equal access to opportunities for historically marginalized and underrepresented groups.

Adobe is committed to creating greater impact and has been evolving the way they fund and engage with nonprofit organizations by supporting the learning and development of both nonprofits’ leaders and their own employees and by integrating grant making with corporate programs.

Through the 3-year Equity and Advancement Initiative, the Adobe Foundation and the company are making long-term commitments and donating a minimum of US$20 million to provide learning experiences and partnership opportunities.

Diverse Voices

Adobe believes everyone deserves the opportunity to share their creativity. The Diverse Voices initiative highlights the stories of underrepresented creators like Black, Latinx, Asian and Pacific Islander, LGBTQ+, and female identifying artists and storytellers.

Empowering creativity

Adobe collaborates with The National Geographic Society to offer a series of free online courses to support digital literacy and teach creative storytelling to the next generation, and works with Khan Academy to provide 2.8 million+ students with high-quality educational resources and fluency in creative skills.

Adobe Changemakers

Adobe celebrates partners who use their solutions to create positive impact to build a better world.

American Red Cross has been recognized as a Changemaker for revolutionizing customer experience to drive social impact by using Adobe Experience Cloud to make it easier for people to sign up to donate blood and save lives. On the other hand, TSB Bank has been acknowledged as a Changemaker for reducing paper consumption by 7,000 pages per day and eliminating visits to branches by improving self-service forms with Adobe Sign, wins that are helping the company reduce its environmental impact.


By The Numbers:

Invested in communities
Renewable electricity by end of FY22
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Students supported around the world

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