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Launching CSR Programs

Top 4 Tips for Global Volunteering While companies are recognizing the importance of addressing their corporate social responsibility, many professionals and executives are left with the daunting task of designing a CSR program from scratch. Stakeholders are eager to see the impact these programs have on the company as a whole, the employees, and the…

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Top 4 Tips for Global Volunteering

Top 4 Tips for Global Volunteering With companies expanding their social impact projects to engage all of their employees with global volunteering, including those working remotely from different countries, the same question is brought up time and time again. How do I involve my entire team in a volunteer event that is engaging and impactful…

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Disaster Relief Response

Disaster Relief Response With wildfires destroying millions of acres on a daily basis and the Haiti earthquake all occurring within the last few weeks, companies are asking us how they should respond. We may not have all the answers, but we made a WeHero Learn video about how companies and their employees can respond to…

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Impact of Skills-Based Volunteering

Impact of Skills-Based Volunteering To understand the impact of skills-based volunteering, let’s start with the fact that social responsibility has gained a lot of traction in the corporate and nonprofit industries. The recent years have seen a consistent prominence in how the corporate world has embraced corporate social responsibility and volunteerism to give back and…

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What Is Corporate Volunteering?

What Is Corporate Volunteering? With the current trend, rather than how much revenue companies can bring in, employees and customers are now taking better observation on how corporations volunteer and positively impact their consumers and society. Because of this, companies are challenged to create more solid corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, and by far, the…

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4 Reasons To Invest In Corporate Volunteerism

4 Reasons To Invest In Corporate Volunteerism As more and more employees continue pressing companies to have the ability to volunteer in their local communities or across the globe, companies are asking really good questions: What is the ROI of our corporate volunteer programs? How do we ensure volunteerism is making an impact and helping…

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Corporate Volunteer Events for Intern Groups

Corporate Volunteer Events for Intern Groups Internships have always been a powerful tool to support recruitment, but as many companies have seen in the last year, they can be a challenge in the virtual world. Taking an intentional approach to engaging your intern groups has never been more important to keep them motivated and connected…

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CarbonHero – The Story

CarbonHero – The Story Over the last 3 years starting WeHero, we’ve tried to build our business in the most sustainable way possible. As the number of volunteer events we ship around the country consistently increased, we began offsetting our carbon footprint to ensure all the positive impact we were generating through our volunteer events…

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The Importance of Employee Engagement

The Importance of Employee Engagement In today’s knowledge-based economy, employees are a company’s largest asset. They are responsible for converting ideas and actions into revenue for the company and differentiation against competitors. The return on investment from employees is often dependent on a company’s culture. It’s widely believed that the better culture a company has,…

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What are WeHero Social Impact Strategies?

What are WeHero Social Impact Strategies? When we speak to companies about launching a social impact strategy, we typically spend most of our time understanding the goals they’re trying to achieve. Whether a company is trying to grow the business, engage employees, support the community or a mixture of all three, we’ve found that a…

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