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Impact of Skills-Based Volunteering

Impact of Skills-Based Volunteering To understand the impact of skills-based volunteering, let’s start with the fact that social responsibility has gained a lot of traction in the corporate and nonprofit industries. The recent years have seen a consistent prominence in how the corporate world has embraced corporate social responsibility and volunteerism to give back and…

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What Is Corporate Volunteering?

What Is Corporate Volunteering? With the current trend, rather than how much revenue companies can bring in, employees and customers are now taking better observation on how corporations volunteer and positively impact their consumers and society. Because of this, companies are challenged to create more solid corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, and by far, the…

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4 Reasons To Invest In Corporate Volunteerism

4 Reasons To Invest In Corporate Volunteerism As more and more employees continue pressing companies to have the ability to volunteer in their local communities or across the globe, companies are asking really good questions: What is the ROI of our corporate volunteer programs? How do we ensure volunteerism is making an impact and helping…

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Corporate Volunteer Events for Intern Groups

Corporate Volunteer Events for Intern Groups Internships have always been a powerful tool to support recruitment, but as many companies have seen in the last year, they can be a challenge in the virtual world. Taking an intentional approach to engaging your intern groups has never been more important to keep them motivated and connected…

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CarbonHero – The Story

CarbonHero – The Story Over the last 3 years starting WeHero, we’ve tried to build our business in the most sustainable way possible. As the number of volunteer events we ship around the country consistently increased, we began offsetting our carbon footprint to ensure all the positive impact we were generating through our volunteer events…

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The Importance of Employee Engagement

The Importance of Employee Engagement In today’s knowledge-based economy, employees are a company’s largest asset. They are responsible for converting ideas and actions into revenue for the company and differentiation against competitors. The return on investment from employees is often dependent on a company’s culture. It’s widely believed that the better culture a company has,…

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What are WeHero Social Impact Strategies?

What are WeHero Social Impact Strategies? When we speak to companies about launching a social impact strategy, we typically spend most of our time understanding the goals they’re trying to achieve. Whether a company is trying to grow the business, engage employees, support the community or a mixture of all three, we’ve found that a…

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Hybrid Corporate Volunteer Events

The Rise of Hybrid Events Hybrid events are not a new concept. The blend of in-person activities and remote participation through a digital component has been a common format over the last 10 years. We believe hybrid events are the future, especially in a post-COVID-19 world as companies look to execute corporate volunteer experiences for…

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WeHero 2021 Corporate Impact Report

WeHero 2021 Corporate Impact Report 2020 in Review & Revisiting the Data  At the end of 2019, WeHero set out on a journey to prove what we already fundamentally believed: investments in Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Volunteering have positive ROI for both B2B and B2C businesses. From our experience in the space, we had…

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World Water Month & Wine To Water

World Water Month & Wine To Water WeHero is thrilled to announce our first annual World Water Month campaign! There are a number of causes that we are dedicated to supporting throughout the year with our corporate volunteer programs. Each cause has a relation to a national or global holiday, observance or celebration. You can…

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WeHero Impact Calendar

2021 Impact Calendar

The 2021 Impact Calendar The WeHero team is pretty excited for the new year, and we bet you are too. As always, our goal for the year is to grow our impact. We want to make giving back easy, accessible, and meaningful. In an effort to act upon that mission, we’ve launched the 2021 Impact…

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WeHero Team

WeHero Impact Strategies

WeHero Impact Strategies Does your company have an existing social responsibility strategy? Are you considering launching one in the new year? Don’t go at it alone. New to our lineup… WeHero Impact Strategies. After spending the last three years working closely with leading companies to make designing and implementing corporate responsibility strategies easy and impactful,…

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HeroTab for Microsoft Edge

We’re Growing… You may be familiar with our browser extension, HeroTab. We love talking about how easy it is to take something that people do every day (opening tabs) and convert it into donations, without costing the end-user a penny. Here at WeHero, we are constantly looking for new ways to increase our impact. In…

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WeHero Extension Letter – Q3 | 2020

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”   –Anne Frank WeHero Extension Users, Thanks for taking the time to read the 3rd quarter update about our extension and the impact we’ve made throughout the quarter. As a reminder, the goal of these letters is to provide…

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Skills-Based Volunteering

Skills-Based Volunteering There are numerous ways for companies to promote volunteering across their employee base. We’ve written at length about the benefits of corporate volunteering, from direct impact to team engagement, there is no better way to spend time as a team. Volunteering can take many different forms, but we’re diving deeper into one that…

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Global Giving Days

Global Giving Days Global giving days encourage companies and employees to give back. When effectively utilized, these days of giving provide organizations with the opportunity to support impactful causes and transform communities, near and far. You may have heard of PepsiCo’s annual, month-long global volunteering event, PepsiCo Gives Back. Throughout this month of giving, PepsiCo…

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Healthcare worker in personal protective equipment gives an okay hand signal from behind a hospital door

Operation First Response Corporate Volunteer Program

First Response Corporate Volunteer Programs COVID-19 has affected us all- our families, our friends, our coworkers, and our communities. For the past six months, we have feared the uncertainty and experienced an upheaval in our daily routines. Amongst the chaos, our doctors, nurses, and healthcare employees have put themselves at risk, fighting relentlessly to keep…

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giving tuesday corporate volunteer events

Giving Tuesday Corporate Volunteer Events

Giving Tuesday Corporate Volunteer Events A Global generosity movement focused on a simple idea. Founded in 2011, Giving Tuesday started as a movement to provide one day of charitable giving at the beginning of the holiday season. Over the years, recognition and participation in the event has grown, but the purpose remains the same -…

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Wildfire Relief Part 2

Wildfire Relief Part 2 In a recent blog, we wrote about the 3 million+ acres this year that have been lost in California alone and how companies can respond during this time. Funding first, corporate volunteering second. To read more about how employees, teams, and companies can respond to fires happening across the west coast,…

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california wildfires

Support California Wildfire Relief

Support California Wildfire Relief Another year, another blistering season of wildfires here in California. 2.2 million acres this year so far — a record-breaking figure with another four months left in fire season. WeHero has been asked how to best support during this time, and sadly, we have experience in responding to previous California wildfires.…

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disaster relief corporate volunteer programs

Disaster Relief Corporate Volunteer Programs

Disaster Relief Corporate Volunteer Programs In response to the devastating blast in Beirut, the widespread wildfires in California, and the destructive aftermath of Hurricane Isaias, WeHero has recognized the imminent need to support disaster relief efforts, worldwide. We have redesigned our Disaster Relief corporate volunteer programs to offer a remote option, perfectly suited for those…

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(Re)Introducing… HeroTab!

(Re)Introducing… HeroTab!  WeHero’s mission is to give 10,000,000 people the tools to volunteer and give back easily and effectively, in order to make the greatest social impact possible. We work towards this goal by providing corporate volunteer programs that give teams and corporations the opportunity to come together, do good, and create tangible change. We…

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engaging employees through impact initiatives

Engaging Employees through Impact Initiatives

Engaging Employees through Impact Initiatives With more companies working remotely, taking an intentional approach to engaging employees has become even more important to keep teams motivated and connected. At Parkes Philanthropy, we’ve seen how launching impact initiatives can be an effective way to engage employees and deepen their connection to your company’s mission and purpose.…

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working from home

A New Normal

A New Normal Going virtual is as much about leveraging technology as it is about having the will to adapt. When Covid-19 prompted a wave of closures back in March, our in-person corporate volunteer events were put on hold. For a company largely reliant on face to face experiences, WeHero faced an imminent need to…

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wehero custom corporate volunteer events

Custom Corporate Volunteer Events

Custom Corporate Volunteer Events WeHero is on a mission to empower 10 million people with the tools and opportunities to give back easily and impactfully. That’s a lot of people, we know. We also know that not every person, company, or partner is the same. Instead of taking a “one-size fits all” approach, we’ve chosen…

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sustainability corporate volunteer events

Making Corporate Volunteering Impactful and Sustainable

Making corporate volunteering impactful and sustainable Our corporate mission is to empower 10 million people with the tools to give back easily and impactfully. We are making corporate volunteering impactful and sustainable as we bring teams together to support a variety of worthwhile causes – from supporting veterans, providing educational materials for underserved populations, or…

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black lives matter corporate volunteering

Social Equality and Corporate Volunteering

How WeHero is activating employees to promote social equality with corporate volunteering. Black Lives Matter – a statement racing through every media channel and for good reason. What we need now is for everyone to join in this marathon. To encourage and empower individuals and companies to make their voices heard and to be part…

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reforestation and corporate volunteer event

Reforestation Corporate Volunteer Events

How WeHero is enabling companies to plant tens of thousands of trees through corporate volunteering. While there are a lot of causes worth tackling with a volunteer event, one of the causes that is front and center as a popular theme for employees is sustainability and reforestation. As companies continue to look internally at how…

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WeHero Remote Corporate Volunteering

WeHero Remote Announced

WeHero Remote Announced In response to COVID-19, we’re delivering high impact volunteer experiences to your home. During this time of uncertainty, WeHero is excited to continue delivering support to key nonprofit partners. Thanks to the excitement from our clients, we’re officially launching WeHero Remote which sends our custom volunteer events to all of your employees’ homes. These…

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Dear WeHero Community – COVID-19

WeHero Community, Our hearts go out to all of those who have been affected by COVID-19 – not only those suffering from the virus but also our small business partners, event planners, CSR professionals, and our nonprofit network suffering from the ripple effects of this pandemic. A quick note that we have made the decision…

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WeHero March Newsletter

Vol. 8 /// Coronavirus, Tabs on Tabs, Latest Readings, & More! ? March… are we there already?! We want to just start by thanking all the companies that have made a massive impact in these first 2 months of the year. We can’t wait to continue supporting you and helping you reach your social impact…

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WeHero Disaster Response Update

WeHero Volunteer Events – Coronavirus

What You Need to Know & How to Support – Coronavirus WeHero is partnering with Americares to respond to the Coronavirus outbreak in China. Together, we have designed a WeHero DIY volunteer event to support relief efforts on the ground in China. WeHero has sourced the necessary items to build Infection Prevention and Control Triage…

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Team Building with Corporate Volunteering

Team Building with Corporate Volunteering It’s a weekly question for our WeHero staff: “What are the team building aspects to these volunteer experiences you provide?” Upon initially receiving that question we tried adjusting our events to always have a team building component. A great idea, but it almost felt like too much “team”, like twice…

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How to support Australia

How to support Australia We’ve been getting a lot of questions on how people can support Australia relief efforts. Fires have been burning across Australia since October. Government records confirmed that 2019 was the country’s hottest and driest on record. 14.7 million acres have been burned so far. These fires have injured and displaced 800…

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WeHero Coronavirus Update

March – What You Need To Know

Coronavirus, Tabs on Tabs, Latest Readings, & More! March… are we there already?! We want to just start by thanking all the companies that have made a massive impact in these first 2 months of the year. We can’t wait to continue supporting you and helping you reach your social impact goals. We have a…

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Why WeHero Operates As A For-Profit Entity

Why does WeHero operate as a for-profit entity? WeHero has traditionally operated at the intersection of the for-profit and non-profit world, executing and building social missions for companies while supporting the best non-profits across the globe. “WeHero is the connective tissue between companies and high impact social causes,” says Gia Giambrone, Programs Manager at Linkedin.…

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The WeHero Corporate Impact Report

The WeHero Corporate Impact Report Buyers buy from giving companies. The giving mindset is here and prevalent among consumers and B2B buyers. Having a cause-based element is smart business in today’s world and the data is backing it. According to Cone Communications & Ebiquity Global CSR Study, when organizations choose between two brands of similar…

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We Are Human: The Story

We Are Human: The Story As we are one month into our first official Quarterly Campaign, people have been asking us for a bit more information around the genesis of the idea. While the We Are Human campaign may be our first widely marketed campaign, we had previously helped plan and host a charity dinner…

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chrome extension with image of puppy

Changing The World, One Browser Tab At A Time

Changing The World, One Browser Tab At A Time At WeHero, we’re constantly looking for new creative ways to help companies and individuals generate impact towards the causes they care about with ease. So, we got to thinking… how can we take something that people do everyday, and convert that activity into donations, without costing…

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We Love Our Influencers!

We Love Our Influencers! Collaboration and partnerships play a huge role in the growth and success of WeHer. It takes a village to spread awareness all throughout the world. One way we like to collaborate is with influencers. We love working with influencers and are always on the lookout for nature photographers, environmentalists, lifestyle bloggers,…

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sustainability corporate volunteer events

Where to find more WeHero

If you have ever wondered where to find more WeHero, here is your map to amazing content, stories, and updates on our journey. Let’s start off with our number one social media platform: Instagram Our team strives to share the stories of organizations and individuals driving positive change around the world. There are thousands of…

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