WeHero February 2024 Newsletter

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Here's a cool fact: Two hours of volunteering per week can boost your happiness🌞

Here's what we have for you in this month’s edition:

👀 Discover exciting new WeHero experiences
🤝 Meet our incredible partner Plastic Oceans
📅Mark your calendars for upcoming impactful dates

👇Let’s dive in 👇

1 // ✨Two New WeHero Experiences ✨

We’re excited to introduce TWO new volunteer experiences!

Missing Maps

Unearth the unseen. Map a vulnerable world for a brighter tomorrow.

Learn More

Walk for Water (1)

Let's walk, let's inspire, let's change the world together.

Learn More

2 // Partner Spotlight

This April, Plastic Oceans has a unique opportunity to present at the Pacific Leaders Summit Rapa Nui 2024 on Easter Island, discussing how to end plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean. This event brings together global leaders, including the UN special envoy for the oceans, Peter Thomson. This serves as a great chance for Plastic Oceans to advocate for local community voices in the upcoming global plastics treaty negotiations in Ottawa. To donate to this organization fighting for our oceans, please reach out to mark@plasticoceans.org.

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3 // 📅 Upcoming Social Impact Dates! 📅

Mark these important dates on your calendar and continue to crush those social impact goals!

  • National Women’s History Month - Month of March
  • Earth Month - Month of April
  • Stress Awareness Month - Month of April
  • National Volunteer Month - Month of April

Here's to making an impact 👏  

WeHero designs, plans, and executes corporate volunteer, team building, and employee engagement experiences that create social impact. Our team works to develop new programs to create better cultures, better brands, and a better world. Our mission: Empower the world to change the world.


The WeHero Team 🍾

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