WeHero Select Membership

Your volunteer and giving goals are our goals.

The average employee wants their company to offer 3.62 volunteer experiences per year. Bigger picture: people want to work for and buy from companies that give. 

WeHero Select is our membership program that helps your company accomplish its social goals with high impact corporate volunteer experiences and strategic guidance around CSR!

Our process

WeHero plans and executes high impact volunteer experiences to enable your entire team to make a difference.

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    Step 1

    We work with your team to design a volunteer program that meets your goals. Don’t know what your goals should be? We can help with that!

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    Step 2

    Every quarter (or at the cadence you prefer) WeHero plans and executes a high impact volunteer experience for your team. We can send it directly to your office or plan it offsite!

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    Step 3

    WeHero measures the impact, shares the results, and surveys your team to make the events even better!

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    Step 4

    We continuously advise into your company or teams CSR strategy to achieve your goals and make the greatest impact.

Repeat! We continuously tune and adjust to build the perfect program for your team. 


Try WeHero Select. Cancel anytime! We’re here to build the best giving and volunteer experience for your team. Get in touch with us to get started!

Benefits of WeHero Select

  • Priority access to volunteer dates and events
  • Dedicated program coordinator from WeHero to help guide your membership
  • We leverage employee surveys and impact data to help guide future events
  • 10% discount on all event add-ons including offsite events!
  • CSR consultation to help build and refine your company’s strategy
  • Special benefits during WeHero quarterly campaigns


Expected Monthly Investment for WeHero Select

By the numbers


Average corporate spend per year on employee volunteering.


Average corporate spend with WeHero Select.


Average national cost for employee turnover each year.


Increased social impact using WeHero Select.

*Data Sources: Points of Light, PeopleKeep, Forbes, WeHero

You're in good company

Find out why the best companies in the world, both big and small, use WeHero for their volunteer and giving experiences. 

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