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Measuring Impact. Sharing Stories. Creating Results.

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Empowering Non-Profits

WeHero exists to empower the world to change the world. The company does this by working with non-profits side-by-side to quantify the impact they are actually making, and share their story to help them raise greater support. Better data, better non-profits, and a better world.

WeHero acts as the 3rd party between non-profit entities and donators. The company creates volunteer programs, corporate giving programs, and effortless ways for the people to make donations and see their results. What do we need to make this all work? Amazing non-profits that are creating powerful impacts to channel the funding.

How does WeHero Help?

Working with WeHero costs nothing for non-profits. We exist to help the organization succeed in every way possible.


WeHero has an end goal of generating as much support for non-profits as possible. One of the methods of doing this is by facilitating donations to non-profits from companies and individuals that align with their personal mission and measure impact so they can see and share the results. WeHero works with non-profits and builds technology that makes giving for companies and individuals effortless. Add your organization to the WeHero directory for support opportunities or get in touch with us!



WeHero creates corporate volunteer programs giving employees the opportunity to make a positive impact. WeHero also keeps a registry of individuals willing to volunteer for various causes. Need a hand? We have some for you. Add your organization to the WeHero directory for volunteer opportunities or get in touch with us!


Amazing organizations and their work deserve to be recognized. Qualified non-profits and their movements are shared with the WeHero audience and beyond to generate awareness. Greater awareness. Greater Impact.



WeHero works side-by-side with each non-profit in our network to measure the return on a donation. How many trees did my donation plant? How many hours of education did I create? WeHero acts as the 3rd party to support in measuring the impact. Better data, better non-profits, greater support.

Why WeHero?

The trusted 3rd party between non-profits, corporations, and consumers.

Real data. Real impact.

Data that drives funding.

Verification and credible donating building consumer and company trust.

Premium volunteer experiences to support non-profits.

No investment for non-profits.

Partnering with a company that has your back, and eats, sleeps and breaths to make a positive impact.

Let's Get Started

We are here to do everything we can to support the success of your organization. Please reach out with any thoughts or questions. We look forward to empowering your non-profit to change the world.

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