WeHero October 2023 Newsletter

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It's October and we're planning for some of the biggest volunteer and employee engagement days of the year. In this newsletter, we'll share our latest WeHero video that we worked on for over 6 months, remind you about the social impact days you should be keeping an eye on, the WeHero 100, and more!

Let's dive in

1 // This Is WeHero Video

This Is WeHero

We are so thankful to have the opportunity to work with hundreds of amazing clients every year. In this video, we wanted to capture the essence of what makes our relationships with our clients special. We hope you enjoy!

Watch The 2-Minute Video

2 // The Time Is Now

The time to plan your end-of-year volunteer and employee engagement events is NOW. Planning and promoting events earlier results in increased participation, increased engagement, and more IMPACT!

Social impact days to have on your radar

International Guide Dog Day Illustration Instagram Post

October is Blindness Awareness Month and according to the World Health Organization, there are 285 million people who are visually impaired worldwide, 39 million of whom are completely blind.

Join us in supporting through a Be My Eyes volunteer experience!

Veterans Day is a federal holiday in the United States observed annually on November 11, honoring military veterans of the United States Armed Forces. It coincides with other holidays including Armistice Day and Remembrance Day celebrated in other countries that mark the anniversary of the end of World War I.

orange playful charity event instagram post-1
orange playful charity event instagram post

Giving Tuesday is a global movement unleashing the power of radical generosity. Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Since then, it has grown into a year-round global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

Martin Luther King Jr Day is a federal holiday in the United States that takes place on the third Monday in January. It honors the life and legacy of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

Contact us to learn more about the many volunteer options we have to celebrate this special day!

Blue Modern I Have A Dream Instagram Post

Want to see a full list of the social impact days you should be keeping an eye on? Checkout our social impact calendar!

See The Calendar

3 // WeHero 100

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 10.35.32 AM

This month we're excited to announce Salesforces's addition to the WeHero 100. The WeHero 100 is a list of 100 of the best companies at social impact and employee engagement. A big congrats to Salesforce for all of their accomplishments. Want to learn about what makes them special? Read more!

See The WeHero 100

4 // HR Giving and Volunteering Policy Toolkit

Workplace giving and volunteering initiatives are an important, and now expected, component of both corporate philanthropy programs and employee benefits packages. However, launching these programs can be overwhelming. Not sure where to begin? Our sister company Bright Funds launched a complete toolkit to guide you through the process of scoping your programs and drafting your policy. Following the steps we outline empowers you to stand up programs that align with your goals and maximize impact.


Download Now

Here's to making an impact

WeHero designs, plans, and executes corporate volunteer, team building, and employee engagement experiences that create social impact. Our team works to develop new programs to create better cultures, better brands, and a better world. Our mission: Empower the world to change the world.


The WeHero Team

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