WeHero November 2022 Newsletter

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November is upon us! What are most social impact teams doing right now? Planning for some of the largest volunteer and employee engagement days of the year (cough cough Giving Tuesday). In this newsletter, we'll share about best practices for Giving Tuesday, the new WeHero 100, new WeHero experiences, new Learn videos, and more!

Let's dive in  

1 // Giving Tuesday Is Upon Us

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We talk a lot about coordinating volunteer experiences during times of the year when your team members want to be volunteering. We'll let you in on a little secret: the day when the most employees get engaged in volunteering is Giving Tuesday. If you haven't made plans, don't worry! We're here to help.

Ideas, Resources, and more for Giving Season

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Planning a day of service or even just a single volunteer experience can be overwhelming. Our founders, Ben & Andy, break down how to make your life easy in this WeHero Learn video. Give it a quick watch! 

There are a few WeHero experiences that we recommend for Giving Tuesday and the holidays. Take a look at our dedicated holiday page for volunteer experiences that are guaranteed to be a hit for your team.

To the Holiday Page!

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A little tip, if you are unable to plan anything around Giving Tuesday, International Volunteer Day is a few days afterward on December 5th!

Get in touch with us. We're here to help make this the most successful Giving Season in your company's history!

Get In Touch


2 // WeHero 100

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This month we're excited to announce Stryker's addition to the WeHero 100. The WeHero 100 is a list of 100 of the best companies at social impact and employee engagement. A big congrats to Stryker for all of their accomplishments. Want to learn about what makes them special? Read more!

See The WeHero 100

3 // New WeHero Experiences

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Create musical instruments for individuals with developmental disabilities/mental well-being needs.

See The Experience

Knot Alone

Provide children facing hospital treatments with a colorful, comfortable fleece blanket and a video message of support.

See The Experience

632e1e83cbeeae7ee5114c02_Knot alone

4 // New WeHero Learn Videos

Our team has been cranking out the WeHero Learn content over the past 30 days. Checkout our personal favorite for the month of October and learn something new in the social impact space!

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Watch The Interview


Here's to making an impact

Our mission is to build innovative solutions that empower organizations and individuals around the world to maximize social impact. To support you in reaching your social impact goals, we've created the WeHero Learn Center. For more of our learn series videos and blogs, visit here.


The WeHero Team

The Writers

Andy VandenBerg
Andy VandenBerg is the co-founder and COO of WeHero where he works closely with hundreds of companies to help them reach their social impact goals. Andy speaks actively about the importance of aligning strategy with social responsibility and how companies can pursue both purpose and profit. Andy’s past experience includes private equity and family office investing. If he’s not in front of his computer, you can find him in the Pacific Ocean or Lake Michigan.
Ben Sampson
Ben Sampson is the co-founder and CEO of WeHero where he works closely with hundreds of companies to help them reach their social impact goals. Ben speaks actively about corporate social responsibility, volunteerism, sustainability, and how companies united with activism drive powerful change. Ben’s past experience includes leading product teams, building startups, and studying sustainable business strategy at Harvard. In his free time, he’s an avid outdoor enthusiast focused on skiing, surfing, and mountain biking.

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