WeHero December 2023 Newsletter

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As 2023 comes to a close, CSR, ESG, and Social Impact folks are getting ready to bust out their calculators and spreadsheets! It's like the holiday season for reporting – time to see just how much impact we've made and start peeking ahead to 2024.

While some companies are all set with their fancy detailed plans, others are still huddling up with their big bosses, trying to figure out their social impact resolutions. Let's dive in!

1 // 5 Predictions For 2024

It's time to predict the future of social impact! Like a crystal ball, we've gazed into the future and pondered what 2024 holds for the world of social impact. Here are our five not-so-mysterious predictions for you that are very similar to our predictions this time last year!

  1. Brace yourselves! Nonprofits might be eyeing fewer donations from consumers. Looks like those credit cards are getting a workout while savings accounts are hitting the gym to slim down. Let's hope companies turn into philanthropic superheroes and swoop in to support our favorite causes.
  2. Companies are playing the ultimate game of "Where's Waldo?" trying to coax employees back to the office. No matter what the company says, it seems like employee engagement gurus need to prepare for a world where some work in the office and some work in their pajamas.
  3. Hold onto your CSR hats! It seems like budgets won't shrink as much as we thought. 2024 might just surprise us with a financial plot twist that's better than a Hollywood thriller.
  4. Disaster relief organizations are like the superheroes of humanity, but they're going to need some sidekicks in 2024. Global conflicts and climate change are causing chaos, and it looks like companies will need to dust off their capes and join the rescue squad.
  5. Employees are waving their social impact flags higher than ever! It's not just a trend; it's a full-blown parade. More employees want to be the Robin Hoods of corporate social impact, and this movement is just getting warmed up!

These are just a few of many of the predictions we shared in our video last month about the state of corporate social impact and our predictions for 2024. Make sure to give the video a watch below if you haven't!

WeHero Learning Series | Thoughts and predictions for the CSR space

Watch Now

2 // Clients Share Their Experience With WeHero

We love our clients and we're so thankful that some of them were willing to share their experiences in working with WeHero. You can watch all of the videos on our WeHero Reviews page!

WeHero | Quotient Client Story

Watch Now

3 // We're Back On The Air

This time, Ben Sampson spent time discussing how social impact programs can improve HR processes on The HR Gazette podcast. You can read the summary with the link in the comments or listen to the interview using your favorite podcast app 🎧.

Listen Now

4 // Data Speaks

We recently surveyed 150+ volunteer participants in our programs. If companies are looking for an employee engagement solution, we think we found it.


Here's to making an impact  

WeHero designs, plans, and executes corporate volunteer, team building, and employee engagement experiences that create social impact. Our team works to develop new programs to create better cultures, better brands, and a better world. Our mission: Empower the world to change the world.


The WeHero Team

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