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Team Building with Corporate Volunteering

Team Building with Corporate Volunteering It’s a weekly question for our WeHero staff: “What are the team building aspects to these volunteer experiences you provide?” Upon initially receiving that question we tried adjusting our events to always have a team building component. A great idea, but it almost felt like too much “team”, like twice…

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How to support Australia

How to support Australia We’ve been getting a lot of questions on how people can support Australia relief efforts. Fires have been burning across Australia since October. Government records confirmed that 2019 was the country’s hottest and driest on record. 14.7 million acres have been burned so far. These fires have injured and displaced 800…

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WeHero Coronavirus Update

March – What You Need To Know

Coronavirus, Tabs on Tabs, Latest Readings, & More! March… are we there already?! We want to just start by thanking all the companies that have made a massive impact in these first 2 months of the year. We can’t wait to continue supporting you and helping you reach your social impact goals. We have a…

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Why WeHero Operates As A For-Profit Entity

Why does WeHero operate as a for-profit entity? WeHero has traditionally operated at the intersection of the for-profit and non-profit world, executing and building social missions for companies while supporting the best non-profits across the globe. “WeHero is the connective tissue between companies and high impact social causes,” says Gia Giambrone, Programs Manager at Linkedin.…

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The WeHero Corporate Impact Report

The WeHero Corporate Impact Report Buyers buy from giving companies. The giving mindset is here and prevalent among consumers and B2B buyers. Having a cause-based element is smart business in today’s world and the data is backing it. According to Cone Communications & Ebiquity Global CSR Study, when organizations choose between two brands of similar…

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We Are Human: The Story

We Are Human: The Story As we are one month into our first official Quarterly Campaign, people have been asking us for a bit more information around the genesis of the idea. While the We Are Human campaign may be our first widely marketed campaign, we had previously helped plan and host a charity dinner…

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chrome extension with image of puppy

Changing The World, One Browser Tab At A Time

Changing The World, One Browser Tab At A Time At WeHero, we’re constantly looking for new creative ways to help companies and individuals generate impact towards the causes they care about with ease. So, we got to thinking… how can we take something that people do everyday, and convert that activity into donations, without costing…

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