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Wildfire Relief Part 2

Wildfire Relief Part 2 In a recent blog, we wrote about the 3 million+ acres this year that have been lost in California alone and how companies can respond during this time. Funding first, corporate volunteering second. To read more about how employees, teams, and companies can respond to fires happening across the west coast,…

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california wildfires

Support California Wildfire Relief

Support California Wildfire Relief Another year, another blistering season of wildfires here in California. 2.2 million acres this year so far — a record-breaking figure with another four months left in fire season. WeHero has been asked how to best support during this time, and sadly, we have experience in responding to previous California wildfires.…

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disaster relief corporate volunteer programs

Disaster Relief Corporate Volunteer Programs

Disaster Relief Corporate Volunteer Programs In response to the devastating blast in Beirut, the widespread wildfires in California, and the destructive aftermath of Hurricane Isaias, WeHero has recognized the imminent need to support disaster relief efforts, worldwide. We have redesigned our Disaster Relief corporate volunteer programs to offer a remote option, perfectly suited for those…

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(Re)Introducing… HeroTab!

(Re)Introducing… HeroTab!  WeHero’s mission is to give 10,000,000 people the tools to volunteer and give back easily and effectively, in order to make the greatest social impact possible. We work towards this goal by providing corporate volunteer programs that give teams and corporations the opportunity to come together, do good, and create tangible change. We…

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engaging employees through impact initiatives

Engaging Employees through Impact Initiatives

Engaging Employees through Impact Initiatives With more companies working remotely, taking an intentional approach to engaging employees has become even more important to keep teams motivated and connected. At Parkes Philanthropy, we’ve seen how launching impact initiatives can be an effective way to engage employees and deepen their connection to your company’s mission and purpose.…

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working from home

A New Normal

A New Normal Going virtual is as much about leveraging technology as it is about having the will to adapt. When Covid-19 prompted a wave of closures back in March, our in-person corporate volunteer events were put on hold. For a company largely reliant on face to face experiences, WeHero faced an imminent need to…

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wehero custom corporate volunteer events

Custom Corporate Volunteer Events

Custom Corporate Volunteer Events WeHero is on a mission to empower 10 million people with the tools and opportunities to give back easily and impactfully. That’s a lot of people, we know. We also know that not every person, company, or partner is the same. Instead of taking a “one-size fits all” approach, we’ve chosen…

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sustainability corporate volunteer events

Making Corporate Volunteering Impactful and Sustainable

Making corporate volunteering impactful and sustainable Our corporate mission is to empower 10 million people with the tools to give back easily and impactfully. We are making corporate volunteering impactful and sustainable as we bring teams together to support a variety of worthwhile causes – from supporting veterans, providing educational materials for underserved populations, or…

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black lives matter corporate volunteering

Social Equality and Corporate Volunteering

How WeHero is activating employees to promote social equality with corporate volunteering. Black Lives Matter – a statement racing through every media channel and for good reason. What we need now is for everyone to join in this marathon. To encourage and empower individuals and companies to make their voices heard and to be part…

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reforestation and corporate volunteer event

Reforestation Corporate Volunteer Events

How WeHero is enabling companies to plant tens of thousands of trees through corporate volunteering. While there are a lot of causes worth tackling with a volunteer event, one of the causes that is front and center as a popular theme for employees is sustainability and reforestation. As companies continue to look internally at how…

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