The CSR Program that positively impacts the world, and your company.

Learn how WeHero’s high impact corporate social responsibility programs increase employee retention and culture, influence positive brand perception, and drive company profit.

What is the WeHero Strategic Philanthropy?

People want to work for, buy from, and invest in businesses that give. The WeHero Strategic Philanthropy program is one of the most effective ways to give back towards causes your employees and your company care about.

By working with WeHero, you are increasing the positive impact your company’s volunteer and giving efforts make, the experience your employees receive, and the data that really shows the impact the efforts are making. Our team is committed to supporting companies to build better businesses through strategic philanthropy programs by:

  • Providing visibility and transparency through reliable data on the positive impact of corporate donations and volunteering.
  • Delivering programs that inspire and engage employees with causes that increase employee morale and retention.
  • Favorable public opinion with stakeholders, improved brand perception and audience sentiment.
  • Increased profitability to the bottom line as a result.
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How it works:

We have a giving program for every company

The Metrics

These are the KPIs we look at closely when it comes to your corporate giving:

The Impact

Our team carefully measures the data of your giving while providing results on the positive impact the contribution is making.

Brand Sentiment

People want to work with and buy from companies that have a positive brand. Effective Corporate Giving Programs support this. We look to understand your goals around your brand perception and how we can help your company reach them.

Employee Retention

Employees that are engaged and feel that their company is making a positive impact are 59% less likely to look for a job in the next 12 months. Our team looks to understand your goals around employee retention and how WeHero can get you there.

Company Culture

Have goals around your company culture? Our team would love to hear them so we can work to be part of the solution.

We've looked at the data and checked it twice

Make sure to download your copy of the 2020 WeHero Corporate Impact Report for free! It’s no secret that corporate giving and volunteering is here to stay. What’s important now, is that companies align themselves with the right CSR strategy. It’s challenging, which is why we conducted this study to help!

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The Internal Impact

Employee Engagement: Recruiting top-performing employees and keeping them happy is a priority of all thriving corporations. Giving programs improve employee engagement by boosting productivity, ethical behavior, gratitude to the organization, and pride in their work.

Morale: With employees more satisfied in their work and more in alignment with the corporate culture, their morale will naturally be higher. This leads to less time and productivity lost to “illness”, tardiness, or extended breaks and lunches, as well as lower turnover rates.

Teamwork: This generally positive attitude in the workplace extends beyond just the rank-and-file employees. When a corporate giving program brings together people from all levels of the organization – from the C-level to the mail room – everyone feels like they are working together toward a common goal. This feeling of effective teamwork will extend beyond to positively influence other aspects of their work.

The External Impact

Public Relations: The company’s philanthropic activity does not go unnoticed by the media. All charitable organizations and fund-raising events rely on the media to spread the word about their work, so any corporation having a large share in that work will be included in the heavy media coverage. This is taken to another level when the results are tangible and quantified.

Social Media: While some organizations are concerned about the potential backlash from negative comments on social media, a company involved in strategic corporate giving will be reaping the benefits of positive social media mentions and sharing. The impact of this kind of publicity cannot be overstated.

Reputation: There is no denying the fact that many consumers make buying decisions based as much on how they feel about a company as on how they feel about a product.

Profit: All of the above leads eventually to greater profit as positive public perception and social media sentiment influences branding, and eventually, purchasing.

Why give with WeHero?

For the immersive experience your employees receive.

To have a story your brand can share internally and externally to inspire minds and hearts.

To see the impact your donations are actually making.

To know your money and company are contributing to a valid cause and making a positive difference in the world.

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More reasons why companies work with WeHero

  • The trusted 3rd party between non-profits, corporations, and consumers.
  • Time and money saved.
  • Real data. Real impact.
  • A focus on core KPIs that make a better company.
  • Guidance on publicizing social efforts.
  • Verification and credible donating.
  • Variable donations to numerous non-profits.
  • No upfront cost for corporate giving. WeHero’s team and solutions are funded with a percentage of the donation once the donation is made.
  • Partnering with a company that has your back, and eats, sleeps and breaths to make a positive impact.

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We have a giving package that works for every company. We’re here to make your giving more effective, improve your team morale, increase your brand sentiment, and do good.

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